Food, travel, yoga, walking, swimming, nature, health, wellness, beauty + design. These are things I love and are the passions through which I curate experiences for others.

This journey began in 2004 when was raising my children and began teaching cooking classes in my Provençal-style home in Northwest Arkansas to share French-inspired seasonal dishes made with organic locally grown and raised ingredients. 

Eventually, my body began protesting rich food, and health issues surfaced, which I was able to course-correct through lifestyle.

As a graduate of the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate Program from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and Cornell University (which distills down 40 years of solid research) and having adopted for myself a whole food plant-based (WFPB) lifestyle free of extracted ingredients, such as sugar and oils, I am convinced of the power of whole plant nutrition on the human body. That we can prevent, and even reverse, a health condition by changing our diet is empowering.

I completed the Cornell Wellness Counseling Certificate Program to enhance my approach in advocating for healthy and wellness-oriented lifestyles.

Healthy choices are often easier to make at home than while traveling. Through holistic travel, I afford individuals with the chance to uphold their well-being throughout every aspect of a journey. As a French-speaking dual citizen, I design small group “insider” tours abroad curating activities that nourish different facets of our being. We become vital and alive. That’s when the magic happens.

At home my daily ritual consists of morning yoga and a long walk or light jog, followed by a hearty oat power bowl packed with a punch before diving into work.  I cherish moments with family and friends, quiet time, walks in nature, reading, studying, taking in a sunset, and sitting out under the stars, contemplating a new moon or celebrating a full one.