What is holistic travel?

Holistic Travel is designed to engage and integrate mind, body, and spirit while discovering new places. Awareness and presence take travel (and indeed, life) to another level.

The more we connect with ourselves, the more we can connect to the place and its community. Travel becomes buoyant and joyful, and infused with meaning.

As a French-speaking dual citizen, I craft culturally enriching, impactful outings exclusively for you. Benefit from my established connections with professionals in France—Master Chefs, Professional Guides, Viticulturists, and Agriculturists—for a deep dive into French tradition and culture.

I offer a holistic experience by curating activities that nourish different facets of our being ~ gentle morning yoga, short meditation/prayer, intellectual stimulation, exposure to beauty and the arts, and mindfully savoring food (or a glass of wine). Outings are sensibly paced. Delicious and artfully prepared meals are enjoyed at every turn, and infused with insights into French cuisine and culinary traditions. Allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised with the introduction of exquisite whole plant-based foods. Special attention is given to food intolerances and allergies (all tours are vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free friendly). 

This is group travel at its best. Traveling as a small group (no more than 12) ensures a meaningful relationship with the people and places we visit.  

Booking now for 8 Days in Paris and 12 Days in Provence ~ The South of France, Autumn, 2024